wxEuphoria applications

Here is a list of some applications written using wxEuphoria, along with links to the authors' pages. Please email me to have your application included.

Date Author Application Description Download
April 25, 2013 Matt Lewis wxIDE v0.8.2 A cross platform editor and visual designer for and using wxEuphoria. Download from Sourceforge
December 20, 2010 Matt Lewis wxEDB v1.29.0 A cross platform Euphoria Database Browser. Source
December 28, 2005 Matt Lewis OOEU v1.8.0 An implementation of Euphoria in Euphoria. Based on the Euphoria interpreter, with Object Oriented and other enhancements. Interactive debugger uses wxEuphoria (included). Source
Precompiled Binary Linux
December 5, 2005 Jerry Story DMAK Diet Monger Ass Kicker. A diet monger is any person who peddles a diet. DMAK


The best place to get wxEuphoria support is on the EuForum. You can also email me directly.

Contact me: mattlewis@users.sourceforge.net
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