Some things, such as Events, require control IDs be used.

Most operations in wxEuphoria are done using this pointers to objects (the value returned by create(). Some things, such as events, however, require that control IDs be used. It is recommended that you create your controls with the default ID of -1, and allow wxWidgets to automatically generate a unique id for you. IDs are generated starting at -201 and decrease from there. You can use get_id() or get_menuitem_id() to determine IDs when necessary.

There are some IDs, however, that have been set aside for specific uses, and will often be used for menu items or command buttons. Here is a list:

Standard menu IDs

Standard button IDs

IDs used by generic file dialog (11 consecutive starting from this value)




Category: IDs

Returns: A new ID

Generates an integer identifier unique to this run of the program. This can be used to generate ids for menuitems or other controls.